Vote Meg Galus for Food & Wine’s Pastry Chef!

Get your voting fingers ready!

NoMi's very own Meg Galus is up for Food & Wine's The People's Best New Pastry Chef! Presented by GODIVA, the finalist with the most votes will be featured in the July issue of Food & Wine, and will be announced on their website on April 9th!

We love to support the Chicago foodie scene and we know Meg deserves to win, so make sure you vote from now through April 8th at 5PM EDT. Voting can be done here!

Pretty and Fun at West Elm!

Get ready for a pretty… and fun summer!

CBN member Cait of Pretty and Fun will be at West Elm on April 10th to share styling and party planning tips for this upcoming season’s affairs! And if her blog is any indication of what she’ll be showing us, we’ll be throwing the hottest soiree’s this summer.

You can find more about the event here!

See you there!

Crafty Night Out with Margaux Mays!

Think you’re missing the crafty gene? Think again. Join CBN member Margaux of Margaux Online this Friday, April 5th, for a crafty night out! She’ll be teaching attendees how to get crafty while they make their own gifts to bring home. Tickets can be purchased here! And make sure to check out the Facebook page for the event here.

Don’t forget to make us something ;)


5 Things I Learned This Week

Zuckerberg is on my good list: I was prepared to throw my computer out the window when uploading our photos from #CheekyRealStyle2013 to Facebook, but was surprised at their new, EASY format. It’s like all the mean things Zuckerberg did in The Social Network are forgiven.

If you haven’t already, check out the pics here and here on our Facebook page, ourpost, and our Flickr page!

Lolla may be a thing for me this year: There’s nothing more uncomfortable than knowing what hundreds of people’s sweat feels like because you’re pushed up against them during the hottest month of the year. But for this leaked lineup, I may just suck it up.

I need this for our office: I’ve always wanted my own R2-D2 and it seems like this is the closest thing I can come to it. If you stop by Industrious to visit, I’ll be the girl talking to her trash can.

#RHOBH is too good to end: I’m not happy about losing ANOTHER show on Monday but I AM excited to chat with Kelly and everybody else throughout the reunion. Your witty comments (and dislike for the morally corrupt Faye Resnick) make the thought of Monday a little easier to handle.

Hate shouldn’t be a justification for your political beliefs: It’s amazing that it’s 2013 and there are still people against gay marriage. As if Kim Kardashian’s 72-day wedded bliss wasn’t proof enough that this “tradition” they think only heterosexuals can keep in tact doesn’t exist, I don’t understand why anybody would want to keep two people who love each other from uniting together. Besides, if there’s anything that my years of Catholic school have taught me, it’s that Jesus was a pretty laid back dude who didn’t judge (he was BFF’s with a prostitute.. HELLO). Do you really think he would be against love?

Wishing you lots of love this weekend (because we ALL deserve it) x

- Jill Badlotto


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Pics!

Want more of Cheeky Chicago's Real People of Style 2013?

Check out some the pics our lovely photographer from Glitterary.com captured in our “Behind the Scenes” Facebook album here, and photos from the party (and after-party) here!

We spy some bloggers ;)


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Best Dressed - 1st Place!

Nika of WearandWhy.com

When Nika’s Zara coat showed up in our news feed, we instantly wanted to purchase it. We hate to use the the word, but “chic” is the only way to explain this black and white ensemble… how effortlessly fab does she look? And that oversized clutch? Her mod look stole first place!

Nika is receiving the ULTIMATE Cheeky girl package! Her fashionista instincts have won her a Cheeky membership, gold necklace, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate, along with a swag bag full of goodies, including a wallet from Bloomingdales at the 900 shops!

Cheeky Chicago not only throws some amazing events, they’re a woman’s guide to Chicago… the ultimate girl power. Cheeky members get VIP treatment at the cities hottest bars, restaurants, events, clubs and more. See for yourself here! And keep up with Cheeky and all that they do by following them on Twitter and Facebook!

AND check out our favorite shopping spot, the 900 Shops, on Twitter and Facebook!


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Best Dressed - 2nd Place

Katie of NowYouKnowEvents.com

We wish this photo did this outfit justice! Katie looked gorgeous in her very-spring-appropriate floral skirt and gold statement piece. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that unique bag? We’re feeling warmer already.

Katie will be getting the Art + Science treatment, which includes a haircut and color from the experts at Art + Science Wicker Park, along with a goodie bag!

Don’t miss out on the latest from THE hair experts of Chicago! Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, and check out their services here!


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Best Dressed - 3rd Place

Amanda of UnicornStylings.com

Anybody who embraced Spring and went without tights last night deserves an award, and doing it while looking this cute belongs on our list. Amanda’s chunky sweater and color block skirt brightened our night. And we LOVE how she mixed things up with a pair of leopard heels.. the little risk reaps 3rd place rewards!

Amanda will enjoy gifts from Chicago’s newest and hottest makeup line Morgan Marie Beauty! This includes a 5-piece brush set, along with lipstick and lipgloss!

And make sure you follow Morgan Marie Beauty on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, and checkout their luxurious collection here!


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Style Contest - 4th Place

Shanna of Sinnamonscouture.tumblr.com
Shanna has been killin’ it at our events (she literally looked like a celeb at our Oscar party), so it’s no surprise that she made our list! We loved the simplicity of her outfit matched with her dramatic makeup (come teach us?). She was glowing!

Shanna will enjoy the Amanda Catherine Designs Fashionista Package”, which includes one of her best-selling prints titled “Wear Sequins to Breakfast”, along with her popular “Hello Weekend” pencils!

Follow Amanda Catherine Designs on Twitter, Like her on Facebook, and check out her shop here!


5 Things I Learned This Week

Cheeky can REALLY throw a party: #CheekyRealStyle2013 was such a huge success and Chicago Blogger Network was honored to be a part of it! We had a blast watching our friends and fellow Chicagoans working the runway in the latest trends. And mingling at Drumbar after was the perfect way to end our night! Is there anything Cheeky can’t do?

Digital isn’t always a good thing: especially when it comes to Time Out Chicago. We were very sad to hear about this, and send our love/support to our Time Out Chicago friends!

I don’t envy Kelly: at least not for having to pick Best Dressed at last night’s #CheekyRealStyle2013 event. All of our bloggers looked stunning and I can feel the pressure of having to pick a favorite! And the rad prizes don’t make it any easier (check em out here).

I’m going through a difficult time in a relationship: No not my own, but that of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Are they engaged, are they not engaged? Why was she spotted without her ring? I want off the roller coaster. I don’t have time for these emotions.

If you dress for Spring, the weather may just change: and I’m willing to test this theory, because at this point, I’m willing to do anything. Last night I ditched my winter duds and today seems a little warmer, right? RIGHT?! Did you REALLY think I could go through one post without complaining about the cold?

SPECIAL THANKS this week to Cheeky Chicago, The 900 Shops, Art + Science, Morgan Marie Beauty, and Amanda Catherine Designs!

Cheers to a (hopefully) warmer season! x

- Jill Badlotto


#CheekyRealStyle2013 Style Contest!

So we’ve been talking about our Chicago Blogger Network Style Contest for #CheekyRealStyle2013 all week, and we’re SO EXCITED to announce the prizes!

1st Place: The Ultimate Cheeky Girl
A Cheeky membership, cheeky gold necklace,
a bottle of champagne, and a swag bag full of goodies,
including a wallet from Bloomingdales at the 900 Shops!

2nd Place: The Art + Science Treatment
A haircut and color from the experts at Art + Science Wicker Park,
along with a product bag filled with goodies!

3rd Place: Morgan Marie Beauty Babe
A 5-piece brush set, along with lipstick and lipgloss,
from the hottest makeup line to hit Chicago, Morgan Marie Beauty!

4th Place: Amanda Catherine Designs Fashionista Package
One of her best-selling prints, “Wear Sequins to Breakfast”,
along with the popular “Hello Weekend” pencils!

They’re that good! Remember in order to enter, tweet a picture of your outfit using the #CheekyRealStyle2013 hashtag, along with tagging @ChicagoBlogNet! Kelly will not only be picking her favorites, but posting them to our site!

SPECIAL THANKS to our AMAZING friends Cheeky Chicago, The 900 Shops, Art + Science, Morgan Marie Beauty, and Amanda Catherine Designs, for delivering these awesome gifts! Make sure you check them all out!



We know you’re all STOKED for Cheeky Chicago's Real People of Style 2013 TOMORROW, March 21st, at the 900 Shops! Mainly to see Kelly Ryan O'Brien strut her stuff, right? ;)

If you haven’t purchased a ticket and need more of an incentive go (like the amazing cocktails, food, and celebrity guest DJ at Drumbar isn’t enough), Cheeky is offering CBN readers a discounted ticket! Just use CHEEKYCBN at checkout here, and you’ll receive $10 off!

Make sure you let us know you’ll be going by joining in on the twitter chatter using the hashtag #CheekyRealStyle2013!

See you there!


Cheeky Chicago’s Real People of Style!

Join us March 21st, along with the best of the best in Chicago fashion, to celebrate Cheeky Chicago's 4th annual Spring Fashion show at the 900 North Michigan Shops! 10 of the city’s top tastemakers will be strutting their stuff on the runway while you enjoy light bites from Siena Tavern, cocktails from EFFEN vodka, Apothic Wines, and Peroni, and of course an AMAZING show produced by Platinum Events.

And if you’re not convinced yet, here’s the cherry on the cake. Our very own CBN Founder, Kelly Ryan O’Brien, will be one of the ladies walking the runway!

We’re also delighted to announce some familiar faces, including CBN members, who will be joining her. Check them out below!

Emma Arnold
Founder, Tres Awesome

Agga B.

David Barton
Founder, David Barton Gym

Graham Kostic
Editorial & Creative Director, GlossedAndFound.com

Kelly Ryan O’Brien
Pop Culture Expert & Founder, Chicago Blogger Network (hollaaaa)

David Rehkson
Partner, DineAmic Group

David Sanchez
Ford Model

Luke Stoioff
Partner, DineAmic Group

Angi Taylor
Morning Show Host, Brotha Fred’s Neighborhood, 103.5 KISS-FM

Karim Tonsy
Artistic Director & Founder, Karim Tonsy Egyptian Physical Dance Theatre

And of COURSE there will be a VIP party at Drumbar after the event.

You can learn more about it here!

See you there!


5 Things I Learned this Week

My boss is a model in a fashion show: and that skinny lady wants to see YOU there! Come out to Cheeky Chicago's Real People of Style fashion show this Thursday, March 21st, to watch her strut her stuff (And hopefully not fall. Just kidding Universe, I take that back). And if you ARE going, let us know by using the hashtag #CheekyRealStyle2013 and tagging @ChicagoBlogNet. SEE YEW THERE!

The countdown to Sean and Catherine’s break up has officially started: So how long do you got? I give it 5 months until we see Sean on People Magazines cover, sobbing that he’s waiting for the one. Ah, reality television love.

Wait.. what the hell am I supposed to do on Monday nights now without Kelly's Bachelor tweets?

More man power = more gets done: We are growing at an alarming rate and are always looking for a few extra hands. Want to help out at our events? Want to photograph some stuff for us? Just want to become our new BFFs? The COLLABORATION STATION is officially open, so email me at Jill(at)ChicagoBloggerNetwork(dot)com if you want to jump on board.

Give me a cup of English Breakfast tea and I will show you the world: I’m better than Aladdin’s magic carpet on that good stuff.

No really.. I have nothing to do on Monday nights now: Is there a support group for this?

Happy Friday! x

- Jill Badlotto


The Kittchen featured in The Urbaness!

We’re starting to really, really LOVE The Urbaness!

CBN member Kit of The Kittchen invited other CBN member The Urbaness into her kitchen to show us some delicious recipes with one main ingredient.. pears! From grilled cheese to ravioli, and of course a dessert, we can’t wait to try them all out. See for yourself here!